May 9, 2018

A simple Flow to create a Contact for existing Account

This Flow itself doesn’t seems to make any sense, but my plan is to call this through a PowerApp. Click here for PowerApp steps. Below steps illustrate some generic approach for a simple Flow operation.

1) Browse to and sign-in. Though, there are many templates, I would like to start a Blank Flow for our simple operation.

2) Since we are planning to call this Flow from a PowerApp, select PowerApp as the starting trigger.

3) Now we need to Define three String Variables for First Name, Last Name and Company Name.

a. First Select Variable type from Action list.

b. Now select Initialize Variable action.

c. When initializing the Variable, for Value select Select In PowerApps comes under Add Dynamic Content.

d. Make sure we create String type variable for Account Id as well. (Remember, we plan to call this Flow from a PowerApp which will pass a Guid)

4) Create Contact Record

a. Select Create record in Dynamics 365 action.

b. Now select you D365 instance and entity which is Contact.

c. Now Assign the variable values as appropriate. You will notice we have mapped value for extra field, Company Name Type as Accounts. This is because this Lookup can have both Account and Contact values. This type declaration is important when creating Activities with regarding Id where type can be varied.

5) Now check the final product, execute and see.

This is how our Flow should look like at last.

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