Apr 10, 2018

Configure Generic Email (i.e. Info@ABC.com) for Dynamics 365

In most cases, we need to have an Email address for general inquiries apart from user mailboxes. Let us see how we can do this with Dynamics 365 using Exchange Online.

1) Connecting to Exchange Online

To know how Exchange Online connects to Dynamics 365, please refer this post first.

2) Create Shared Mailbox

Now go to Office 365 Admin center and create a Shared Mailbox.

Actually shared Mailbox can be shared among users. When someone sends mail to this address, all the members would get the mail to a separate Mailbox. Any member can obviously reply from that. Interestingly, received mail will see it as it has come from Info@ address.

Though this is pretty cool, our intention here is not to use this sharing scenario, but to receive all the mails of Info@ address to a separate queue, so that any queue member can take action. In fact, we don’t add any member to this shared mailbox.

Anyway, in a while after we configure the shared mailbox, we should see the relevant entry in Exchange Admin Center as below.

3) Configure Queue in Dynamics 365

Now browse D365 Settings > Business Administration > Queue and open the Queue we are interested in and set Incoming Email with our shared Email. Also note that Convert Incoming Emails to Activities field is also important.

4) Configure Queue Mailbox in Dynamics 365

Now browse to D365 Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes and Open the Shared Mailbox and configure the Incoming and Outgoing emails for Server side sync as below. (Alternatively click Apply Default Email Settings if you have set Default by now. Click this for more information)
Now click Approve Email, Test and Enable Mailbox.

5) Check behaviour

a) Send an Email to Info@ address from outside. Then you will see this email in the Queue as below;

b) Now any member of the Queue can open the mail for replying.

Anyway when open the reply mail, by default, From field is getting populated with login user, but you need to select the Info@ account if the reply too should go with generic email address.

c) Here, we get the Reply mail too from Generic Info@ email

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