Apr 5, 2018

Configure Emails for Dynamics 365 Trial version

Once you get a Trial Dynamics 365, one of the most needed features would be Emails. Let’s see how to get it working.

1) Get Office 365 Enterprise E5

Since Exchange Online comes with Office 365 Enterprise E5, you need to get a trial version of it as well. For that, from Office 365 Admin Centre, browse to Purchase Services and get the trial.

2) Check if Exchange Server Online is Ready

Once refresh, you may see link Exchange under the Admin Centre. Once click it, it will open another window with Exchange Admin Center where you can click Mailboxes.

Well, you will not see any Mailbox at this point.

3) Assign Licence to Users to get Mailboxes

Now go to Users section of the Office 365 Admin Center where you can see all the active users. Once you open a User you will see the message “This user doesn’t have an Exchange Online License” under Mail Settings.

Then you have to click the Edit button for Product Licence as circled above where you have to enable a Licence for Office 365 Enterprise E5.

As you do this, you will see massage under the Mail Settings will change to below one.

This may take a while, but once complete the process, you will see those Mailboxes appear in Exchange Server Online Admin.

4) Check Active Email Server profile

Browse D365 to Settings > Email Configuration > Email Server Profiles.

Here, Microsoft Exchange Online profile should be already visible since Exchange and D365 are in same tenant. Make sure its Active.

5) Configure default email processing and synchronisation

Now browse to Setting > Administration > System Settings in D365 and go to Email Tab. Your configuration should look like below;

6) Configure Mailboxes in D365

Browse D365 Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes

Open the Mailbox you need to configure and do below steps;

a. Click Apply Default Email Settings button – This sets the default settings in Step 5.

b. Click Approve Email – You needs to be a Global Administrator to do that, Otherwise click Send Email for Approval which will request Approval from Global Admin.

c. Click Test & Enable Mailbox – This will take few minutes to Test the mail and enable the Mailbox.

7) Check if the Mailbox is correctly done

After all, you can Browse to the Alert section of the Mailbox to see the test result as below. These details show that testing is successful.

Same way, if there are issues, you can see the descriptions.

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