Oct 14, 2012

Custom Group in Entity Ribbon

It is useful to know how to implement a new group in the ribbon and also to put buttons inside it. Before starting to explain an example I am happy to remind you a basic rule again.

Ribbon modifications can be done in main three ways to distinguish how they should appear in to user. They can be explained as below;

Mscrm.Form.<entityname>change appears when form is opened for selected record.
Mscrm.HomepageGrid.<entityname>change appears when grid is shown (multiple records)
Mscrm.SubGrid.<entityname> - change appears when records appear within a subgid of some other entity OR appears in the result pane of the advanced find

OK, I am here going to do the sample for Subgrid (so my tag naming format will be like Mscrm.SubGrid.<entityname>). In my example I am going to consider a custom entity called new_insurance.

My scenario is to give few buttons to renew insurance. Here I am just implementing one button to create a quote, but I put it in a Group called “Renewal Methods” so I can have other optional buttons for the same need.

This is the main custom action tag. Noticeably, it contains a button tag as we already know. So we can have many as required.

<CustomAction Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.CustomAction" 
    <Group Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.Group" 
           Title="Subscription Renewal" 
      <Controls Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.Controls">
        <Button Id="B_CUSTOM_QuoteCreate" 
                LabelText="Create Quote" 
                ToolTipTitle="Create Quotes" 
                ToolTipDescription="Create quotes for renewal subscriptions" 
                Image32by32="/_imgs/SFA/ReviseQuote_32.png" />

Now we need to add two more custom action tags to define the appearance of the group we are introducing here.

<CustomAction Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.MaxSize.CustomAction" 
    <MaxSize  Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.MaxSize" 
              Size="LargeLarge" />

<CustomAction Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.Popup.CustomAction" 
    <Scale Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.Popup.1" 
           Size="Popup" />

Now this is nothing new, we just define a JavaScript method to pass the selected ids when button is clicked.

<CommandDefinition Id="Cmd_CUSTOM_QuoteCreate">
    <EnableRule Id="Mscrm.Cu_Selected" />
  <DisplayRules />
    <JavaScriptFunction Library="$webresource:new_createquote.js" FunctionName="CreateQuote">
      <CrmParameter Value="SelectedControlSelectedItemIds"></CrmParameter>

Then we define a command definition, actually without any rule since group is to be just viewed.

<CommandDefinition Id="Mscrm.SubGrid.new_insurance.RenewalGroup.Command">
  <EnableRules  />
  <DisplayRules />
  <Actions />

Then we define a command definition, actually without any rule since group is to be just viewed.
Finally we have an enable rule for the button which is quote smart. In fact, button get enabled only when at least one records selected and not more than 20 records selected. We change this as required.

<EnableRule Id="Mscrm.Cu_Selected">
    AppliesTo="SelectedEntity" Maximum="20" Minimum="1">

Once implement, we will see the subgrid Ribbon this;

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