Oct 4, 2012

Advanced find – Select all the records of all the pages

Ribbon of advanced find result view

Ribbon of the result pane of advanced find view is same as Subgrid ribbon. Yep it is! So whatever the ribbon modifications you do with the format of  “Mscrm.SubGrid.<entityname>” is being applied for this ribbon. So you are free to do anything with any custom button by executing a Javascript as I explained in my previous post. Check it here.

Now we know, we can pass different parameters to our method, but obviously, favourite would be the passing of Ids of selected records. So we are good to do any operation for those records.

Reading the current grid VS reading the full result set

Anyway, none of these parameters leads us to read all the records of all the pages of the result. Our operations are restricted to current grid. Current grid could hold maximum records of 250, with least 25, depending on your settings.

If our result consists of more records and we need to do a batch operation for all of them we are not helped. One approach would be to save the view after selecting the criteria and again read the relevant fetch from SavedQueryBase. Problem of this approach is one has to save it manually with a predetermined name. (Name is to be used when querying by the programme)

Now this is a way of reading the relevant Fetch XML without saving, from the result pane. I urge this is an unsupported method, but it works.

var _XML = document.getElementById("fetchXml");

Now we have the fetch used to read the data for advanced find, so we are ready to do any operation for entire result set.

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