Jun 15, 2018

Track Field Technicians locations through Resco Mobile App

We are provided a very strong insight in to Scheduled Jobs’ location and Resource’s suggested path in Dynamics 365 Field Service Schedule Board. In fact, we can optimise the route, prioritise Bookings in terms of geographical location considering and travel time and etc. Anyway, how we going to track what Field Technicians’ real locations are?

Here I am going to explain how to do that.

1) Associate Google Map API Key to Woodford Solution

a. If you don’t have a Google Map API key, sign-up here and retrieve one. Once you register you get $300 worth credits free. It will ask for a credit card number for authenticity, just like in Azure registration, but nothing will be charged, without your consent after fully consumption of free credits.

b. Now go to Settings > Solutions and Open Resco MobileCRM Woodford solution and click Configuration. Then paste the key and save.

c. Now there is a way to check if Key is valid and correctly associated. Browse to Settings > MobileCRM > Mobile Auditing. Then click Mobile Auditing Map link. If a Map is loaded without any issue, everything is in order.

Otherwise you will get below error message.

2) Configure Map for Users

Now go to User Form Customisation and click Web Resource.

Allocate resco_MobileCRM/MapIframe.html web resource as shown below. Also make sure to click “Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters” Then save and publish.

3) Check how its working

Now Browse to User Form of the Field Technician you want to track the location. You will see points within the map in newly added Iframe where User/ Field Technician performed any action with the Resco Mobile App as below.

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