Jun 17, 2018

Filtered Lookup in Resco Mobile App

We have talked about Lookup filters for Dynamics 365 web app for many occasions in this blog. Now we will see how to implement this in Resco Mobile app for Field Service. This customisation has to be done through Resco Woodford Solution Customisation application.

Suppose we have below related entities in our scenarios;

What this means is Locations are associated to Accounts. When we set a Location to an Asset we don’t need to see entire list of Locations, but can pick one from the list which are associated to the Account of the Asset. Now this is a typical candidate for a Filtered lookup.

This filtering needs two steps;

1) Create new Lookup view in Location Entity

Create a new View, in fact Clone from Default View. Then Rename the view name accordingly and select Lookup as type.  Check Hide in View Selector since we don’t need to list this as a view in usual browsing.

Now Click Edit filter and add Condition to set Account and click Set Variable which result you with a pop-up to set it. Now select Asset from the Variable Selector and set Account field within it. This is because we are planning to use this to filter by Account Id when we are in Asset Entity.

2) Set newly created Lookup view to Lookup field in Asset

Now go to Asset Entity and Open the form we need to set the filter. Add the Location field and Open the Properties. Then we have to set newly created Lookup as the Initial View by clicking relevant checkbox. Also we have the option to keep the other view or hide it by clicking the check of in the beginning of the row.

Now click Publish All and check the Mobile App after synchronising.

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