Jun 9, 2014

Issue when passing same parameters to more than one data set in SSRS

In SSRS, it is allowed to pass same set of parameters to more than one DataSet which is great. Still it can drag you to troubles if you don’t do it correctly. Below is one error message you may hit with;

An error has occurred during report processing.
The Value expression for the query parameter XXXX contains an error. The expression that references the parameter XXXX does not exists in the Parameters collection. Letters in the name of  parameters must use the correct case.
I too encountered this and couldn’t solve for hours. Ultimately, I found this has nothing to do with anything else but the order of the parameters being read in the DataSets. Usually, one may not realise this since we assign it by name.. BUT NOT ENOUGH..  make the same order in all the DataSets using the arrow above..

hmm.. simple.

Caution: And if this error encountered, you may need to delete the parameters and set them again from the scratch.

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