Jun 16, 2014

Filter data of Table grouping in SSRS

Table grouping is one of the most frequently used techniques in SSRS reports in practice. They can be either easy or very complex. One cool thing we can do in grouping, is putting filters. Fruit is we can have groups for our desired records only.

Most cases we need to use two conditions together as “OR” or “AND” logical join.

This is a good example of using AND condition.
Logic here is Country is France AND Sector is Banking.

Now see the OR condition which is little tricky.
Logic here is Country is either France OR Belgium.

Caution: Using filters for grouping is fun, but there is a known issue of it, if you need to get totals of some numeric columns. Simply SUM() function ignores the filters. There is a workaround for this which I will explain in a later post.

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