Feb 23, 2018

How Booking Alerts work in Dynamics 365 – Field Services

Booking Alerts in Dynamics 365 – Field services is an activity type with one speciality, which is its ability to show in the schedule board. Booking Alert is actually an effective alert for the Dispatcher who is working with the schedule board.

Booking Alert is created in two entities those relates as below;

Let’s see standard Booking Alert form;

Most of the fields here are obvious and standard for activity types, but two marked ones are special. Idea of them are as follows;
Due date – This Due date is the date/time this Alert will be pop-up in the schedule board. This should be a future date.
Assignees – These are the users who need to be logged in to see the Alert. My opinion these ones should be the Dispatchers in typical Field Service implementation.

Let’s see behind the scene how Booking Alert Status records being populated. Next time to show field is nothing but the Due Date of the parent record.

Caution: Once created don’t change the Due Date in Booking Alert without changing these values in Associate records (this doesn’t update automatically).

Here we see our Booking Alert.

Let’s see what actions user (i.e. Dispatcher) can perform now.

1) Dismiss
Once user click Dismiss, alert will disappear. What happen behind the scene is Status of the Booking Alert Status record becomes Inactive. This is specific to user. In our example if Dismiss is clicked by Jamie Reding, Spencer Low will still see the alert because his record is still Active.

2) Snooze 
Snooze allows user to set alert to pop-up later. (ex. 15 mins). What happen here is Next Time to show field of Booking Alert Status record get updated with next pop-up time.


  1. Thanks Sumedha for explaining this in a nicer manner with issues and how to get around them.

  2. Thanks Charith. Actually, I had a hard time understanding that made me think of writing a post. Regards.