Sep 11, 2017

Azure Subscriptions for Dynamics 365 Developers

Now it’s time to jump in to Azure and find out what’s available for Dynamics Developers. First thing first, how to get azure subscription. I mean FREE subscription to play around and see.

Option 1
Get the general Azure Trial worth $200.


Only issue with this option is it last only 30 days, you must complete all your drama in 30 days!

Option 2
Register for Dev essentials program, which gives $300 worth credit for one year, which is good.


What so ever, one thing you may need to know is these free subscriptions are NOT per account, BUT per person. Though you try with different email addresses Microsoft will nail you down with Mobile OR/AND Credit Card details. In fact, you can use one of the above two choices.
Sadly, registration form just through a generic error (i.e. We cannot proceed with signup due to an issue with your account. Please contact billing support) and you may not be able to understand why you can’t register.

Option 3
Now come the thrilling part. As Dynamics Developers we always work with Dynamics 365 trials. Though they expire in 30 days, we are ALLOWED to create as many instances as we want.


Actually, once you create Dyanmics 365 instance, relevant Admin user get free subscription automatically assigned to that account! Isn’t it fun?

Problem solved! Though it is painful to create Dynamics 365 trials again and again, at least we know that we can get Azure subscriptions as we wish regardless of how many we had in the past.

Feel privileged to be a Dynamics 365 Developer!

(Thanks Sam and Proveen for the help in this regards)

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