Jul 10, 2017

Call WFs and Actions from Plug-ins

When developing server-side custom functionalities for Dynamics 365, our initial though is whether jump in to plug-ins, WFs or Actions. We always need to check the pros and cons of them depending on the scenario.

By the meantime, separating the functionalities among them and using them harmoniously would add more value in terms of flexibility. Below code snippets could be helpful in such an approach.

Call a WF from a Plug-in;

ExecuteWorkflowRequest request = new ExecuteWorkflowRequest()
  WorkflowId = new Guid("019813bc-104b-4dc9-93d5-54d93d79908e"), //WF Id
  EntityId = Id
ExecuteWorkflowResponse executeWorkflowResponse = (ExecuteWorkflowResponse)service.Execute(request);

Call an Action from a Plug-in;

OrganizationRequest req = new OrganizationRequest("new_profitcalculator");
req["Amount"] = amount; //Parameter
req["Target"] = new EntityReference(new_office.EntityLogicalName, Id);
OrganizationResponse response = service.Execute(req);

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