Nov 21, 2012

Recursive workflows instead of windows services?

Please refer this for better solution.

In Dynamics CRM, we don’t have a facility to schedule an activity. Typically, one might need to change the status of a record without any interaction/ trigger. For example expiration of insurance policy. For this what we usually do is writing a windows service.

This blog article encourages us to use a recursive workflow instead of a windows service. It is a clever way of writing a workflow in a recursive pattern with delays to accomplish the objective. It seems fantastic since it can be achieved without any trouble or coding. I did a test workflow as this author explains (with a waiting time of 1 hour) and it worked well for me. 

Anyway, it is yet to be taken to the discussion table to check positive and negative consequences.

Also I think, it is better to do the state change like simple operation through the workflow and triggers a plug-in for rest of the complex operations if the requirement consists of lengthy logics.
Furthermore, we can even identify this call by filtering by asynchronous call filter as below.

if (context.CallerOrigin.GetType() == 
            //plug-in steps

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