Sep 7, 2011

Difference between completing and cancelling an appointment – part 2

In my previous post (read), I suggested a method to execute a JavaScript for completion of an appointment. This method works fine, but not for one instance. If you carefully watch the tool bar of an appointment, you will notice a button for “Save as Completed”. This is a fast way of completing the appointment. Our previous method doesn’t fire for this click since event.Mode is not 5 for this, but 58.

For completion of the Appointment, We need to modify the code as below, which will work for both menu and button.

var _eventMode = event.Mode;
    if (_eventMode == 5)
        var _status = document.getElementById('newStatusCode').value;

    if ((_eventMode == 58) || ((_eventMode == 5) && (_status == 3)))
       //code to work when completing

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