Jul 13, 2011

Deleting/ Renaming of System views

Though, deleting the system views is not possible, in most of the cases we need to do so. There is one unsupported way of doing it; actually hiding it. You got to modify a flag in relevant SQL table. Views are stored in a table called SavedQuery and you can simply see all the views of an entity by passing the entity type code to below query. (1 is for account)

select Name,* from SavedQuery where ReturnedTypeCode=1

Now for instance, if you need to delete (actually hide) view called “Accounts: No Orders in Last 6 Months”, simply set IsPrivate = 1 for relevant record as shown below.

update SavedQuery set IsPrivate = 1
where Name = 'Accounts: No Orders in Last 6 Months'

Then publish the entity.

Here, what really happens is converting the system view to a private one with no rights. Also you should be aware that, the change is not imported with customizations, but you got to do for each server. Anyway, you got to play safely since this is unsupported.

Swap System view name with new one
It was needed to create a new view with the name of an existing system view. In fact, particular system view was renamed and renamed the new view with system view name. Nothing seems wrong in steps, but this gives problems with importing the customizations. One of my colleagues found a way of doing it. Rename the System view and did a deployment. Then rename own new view with the name of the system view and do the second deployment. Problem is solved. Anyway, this doesn’t make deployment managers life easy, because he got to keep two versions of customizations for those entities.

Hope this will help you.


  1. For 2011, thankfully, there is a supported way. Go to Settings-Customizations-Customize the System. Browse to the view and click on the Actions drop-down. In here you will see 'Deactivate'.

    1. Yep Leon, You are correct. It will be a big relief for all, especially for developers who have tasted the bitterness of doing this in CRM 4.0. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.