Jun 30, 2011

Filtered lookup

This is simple trick that could improve the usability of a CRM application. Let me explain the requirement first. For example, we might need to add a potential customer to an entity main form. Also we might need to add a contact to the same form. In this case, most practical requirement is to show the contacts relevant to the selected customer.

Please use this function in onload of the form.

FilterLookupUponParent = function(source, target)
if (IsNull(source) || IsNull(target)) { return; }
var name = IsNull(source.DataValue) ? '' : source.DataValue[0].name;
target.additionalparams = 'search=' + name;

Use this code to call the function, passing the form field names.

FilterLookupUponParent(crmForm.all.new_accountid, crmForm.all.new_primarycontactid);

Here it is illustrated that, RAW Ltd has two contacts.

Once we use above code, when clicking the lookup field will pop up the lookup window only with those contacts that are relevant to the selected RAW Ltd. This is actually a filter. Once you release the filter, you get all the contacts.

Actually, it is also wise to call the same method is onChange event of the customer, because filter should get changed accordingly.

Hope this will help you.

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